The Florida Hemp Initiative is an ongoing collaboration of individuals and organizations interested in bringing the full-value of hemp to our state. We represent the hemp plant at public events, educate agri-businesses and are citizen lobbyists at all levels of government.


The Florida Hemp Initiative (FLHEMP.org) envisions a healthier more prosperous time when hemp products are created and manufactured in our state. To this end, we provide accurate information to individuals, organizations and businesses interested in using, selling or cultivating hemp.


We are building a better Florida together one step at a time. When you donate to the FL Hemp Initiative you are ensuring we can have cleaner water, healthier food choices, environmentally friendly homes and jobs we can't send overseas. 

Get Involved

Several states have growing hemp economies while Florida agricultural footprint is shrinking. When you get involved together we can turn the tide. Our farmers deserve a cash crop and consumers shouldn't be paying prohibition prices for hemp products.

Less Pesticides

Hemp is a stronger more durable fiber than cotton and requires less pesticides to grow.

A Bio-Remediator

Hemp leaches our toxins and heavy metals during the growing cycle leaving fields safer for planting.


Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101 at the Capitol March 6, 2019

This was our sixth annual cannabis day at the Florida State Capitol. Hemp is an important part of the future of our state. In January 2020, plan to join our team in our seventh year bringing all things cannabis to the Capitol. Find us on the third floor of the Florida Capitol Rotunda educating lawmakers and visitors to the Capitol about the many uses of hemp and the whole cannabis plant.

Used for baste, stalk or seed, the plant will grow virtually anywhere it can have good drainage.

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