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Our Projects. 

The Florida Hemp Initiative is always seeking new ways and new places to talk about the need for hemp in Florida. In addition to our on going effort to educate voters, we have taken great strides to help our lawmakers understand when Florida farmers can grow hemp and Florida families have cheaper hemp products and food with less pesticides and hormones, we will be a stronger state.  

Promoting Florida's Hemp Home

Bob Clayton's Hemp House in Tarpon Springs continues to be an attraction for fans of hemp. Bob hosts meetings at his home complete with a tour, when he isn't on the road promoting the value of hemp construction. Bob detailed the construction of the home.

Hemp is an exceptional building material for Florida. Bob's home is poured HempCrete - a product made from mixing hemp hurds with a binding agent. The walls provide good insulation, hemp's natural anti-fungal properties help reduce mold and mildew but most importantly the HempCrete is environmentally friendly to create and recycle.

Educating the Electorate

Laws governing the cultivation, importation, manufacture and sales of hemp products are a mess. International treaties, federal jurisdiction and state laws are often in conflict. Before lawmakers will tackle that mess we need an educated electorate hungry for change. 


Wherever you are, that is a good place to talk about the value of hemp. Our brochure is an easy way for you to engage your friends, other members of your community or businesses in your area about the amazing things we can do with hemp.  With every donation to our project you will receive a copy, first educate yourself then order more for your friends.

Building a Hemp Economy

Twenty years ago it was nearly impossible to buy hemp products, today they are in every healthfood store and big box stores like Walmart and Target. The market for hemp is far wider than a few food products and some cosmetics. Researchers are using hemp polymers for 3D printing, hemp resins for car parts and the whole plant on the farm for feed, bedding and cover crops.


Beyond the medical use, hemp products do have a wide variety of health benefits including being naturally rich in Omega 3's and 6's, high in plant protein and good for your skin and hair.

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